Solar Equipment Technology - Solar Equiptment Technology Marketing Company.

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Solar Equiptment Technology a Telemarketing company located at 151 Wymore Rd Altamonte Springs Florida misrepresented itself as being One Stop Solar to it's employees and consumers.

As of 11-19-2009 at 3:45 PM I had a long converstaion with the owner of One Stop Solar Mr.Mark Borbeau. He is a honest individual and we had a lenghtly conversation about the stated Marketing Company and how they misused and misrepresented his companies Name.

Please refer to the One Stop Solar Altamonte Springs Florida Blogg for a complete review of Solar Equiptment Technology.

Solar Equiptment Technology is the problem Consumers and potential employees BEWARE.Everything written about One Stop Solar in that Blogg is ment to be Solar Equiptment Technology instead.

We were mislead by Solar Equiptment Technology to believe they are One Stop Solar which they are not.



JT does work for us at Solar Equiptment Techonlogy Marketing Company.

He has been our least sucessful telemarketing sales person and is suffering from the bad economy also.

Please accept our apology for his statements. It is obvious that what Mr. Holloway has said is supported by facts not fiction JT is unable to understand some things clearly.

JT does have a slight problem comprehending facts and acknowledgeing reality.


J.T Biggler is just another scam artist covering his tracks.

More than likely he works for one of these companies and is loosing money due to public awareness.

Sorry J.T that your Christmas is going to be ruined by the truth. Now what other profession will you find to get over on the public with?

More than likely you have already had to leave the water treatment and vaccume sales profession due to the lies catching up with you. Or maybe you sold Timeshare and thought Solar Water Heaters were your next money maker scam. Either way good luck looser or crook that you may be.

Bennett, Colorado, United States #91842

Joe are a buffoon!

Get out of the way so real MEN can pull society out of this economy. Everything you have said and written is wrong. Some of it is ridiculously inaccurate.

I have read EVERY SINGLE POST you have made and you really must stop embarassing yourself this way.Somewhere a village is missing its *** and Orlando doesn't want you anymore so don't come around here selling crazy 'cuz we're all full up!


After talking to Mr. Mark Borbeau on 11/24/2009, He stated that he will be continueing to use Solar Equiptment Technologies and their Telemarketing company or one of Mr.Woodalls various companies to represent One Stop Solar.

In my opinion Mr. Mark Borbeau owner of One Stop Solar is putting money before integrity by allowing any of Mr. Woodalls companies to represent One STop Solar.

My first impression of Mark Borbeau was not a correct observation and within this statement I retract any good about One Stop Solar at this time.

You can refer to my other article about One Stop Solar Altamonte Springs Florida to review further facts about these companies.

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